Born in 1962 in California, moved to Norway when she was six. Works and lives in Oslo with her family. She is a self-taught photographer who has been represented by Gallery Ramfjord in Oslo and has exhibited internationally. She now works independently on her own personal projects. About her works she says:

"Taking pictures is all about looking somewhere else. I search everywhere and am drawn to surfaces of all kinds. The happiness lies within seeing all layers and colors coming together in the viewfinder of my camera and creating something brand new, out from the ordinary surroundings.

This is my language and its translated into these images."

Solo Exhibitions:​

2014: "SurFace" at Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

2011: "Second Shadow"

          book release/exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord,Oslo, Norway

2009: Aukrustsenteret Gallery, Alvdal, Norway

2008: Norwegian broadcasting Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2008: Gallery Café Banken, Lillehammer, Norway

2007: Gallery Dreyer, Lillehammer, Norway

2007: Café Rustique, Oslo, Norway

2007: Balzac interior design store, Oslo, Norway

2007: Odonata Gallery, Bærum, Norway


Joint exhibitions:

2019: Juried exhibition at NRKs (Norwegian National Television) Art Ascociation

2018: Invited to project "answer without words" Exhibition in Oregon U.S.A.

          In collaboration with prisoners in Columbia Correctional Inst.  Book from project                 made.

2015: Invited to join the auction

          Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ, USA

2015: Oslofjorden artcenter, Drøbak, Norway

2014: Two-person exhibit at Skåtøy Gallery & cafe, Skåtøy, Norway

2012: Juried, NOoSPHERE art gallery, NY, USA

2011: Juried, Whelan Art Gallery, California, USA


2014:  Serveral juried stipend exhibitions.

           In the top 8, 6 years in a row, Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

2008:  Preus fotomuseum, Horten Norway

2007:  Gallery Kauffeldtgården, Gjøvik, Norway

2001:  "Østlandsutstillingen"

           - national juried, travelled around in Norway  

1996:  "Tomsing" Café Olsen, Oslo, Norway

Purchased by; NRK; National Televison company, Statoil Ranheim, Trafikverket i Eskilstuna, Cowi i Gøteborg, Lasarettet i Holmstad, Conocco Phillips i Stavanger, Kristiansand Kommune, Bergens Tidende, Folksam i Stockholm, Borealis i Stenungsund, Papyrus i Mölndal.

All images © Kathleen McIntyre Photography

For inquiries about edition, price, size etc. please contact me at:

kathleenmcintyre2 at Tel: +47 92 03 75 13