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Born in 1962 in California, moved to Norway when she was six. Works and lives in Oslo with her family. She is a self-taught photographer who has been represented by Gallery Ramfjord in Oslo and has exhibited internationally. She now works independently on her own personal projects. About her works she says:

"In my photographic expression and concept, I search for treasures in the ordinary, invisible at first sight and then discovered and carefully created into something new. I am attracted to colors, shapes, silhouettes and dirty or wet windows. With the layers I find a connection, harmony between elements not normally acting together. All layers melt together in the camera and what you see is what I composed there and then, like a music score. My dogma is not manipulating my images in any way. 

On a personal point of view, and in the title of project "Color Me Softly", there is a me involved. I can see my outline anonymously there but still a part of a larger whole. 

Fotografi av meg 2023 IMG_0131.jpg


2007 "Second Shadow" self published. BW photos with a poem by norwegian poet Rolf Jacobsen. Text in english

2024:"Color Me Softly" published at Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany. Color images with Norwegian & English text 

Solo Exhibitions:​

2014: "SurFace" at Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

2011: "Second Shadow"

          book release/exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord,Oslo, Norway

2009: Aukrustsenteret Gallery, Alvdal, Norway

2008: Norwegian broadcasting Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2008: Gallery Café Banken, Lillehammer, Norway

2007: Gallery Dreyer, Lillehammer, Norway

2007: Café Rustique, Oslo, Norway

2007: Balzac interior design store, Oslo, Norway

2007: Odonata Gallery, Bærum, Norway


Joint exhibitions:

2024: March/april at UNAS - Up North Art Society, Bergen, Norway

2022: Selected/juried image at Photo Place Gallery for permanent online gallery, Vermont, USA



2021: Juried exhibition at NRKs (Norwegian National Television) Art Association

2018: Invited to project "answer without words" Exhibition in Oregon U.S.A.

          In collaboration with prisoners in Columbia Correctional Inst.  Book from project made.

2018: Participated with "Don't be shy" images in online magazine

2017: Participated with project "don't be shy" in online magazine

2017: invited for portfolio on GUP magazine online -   

2015: Invited to join the auction Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ, USA

2015: Oslofjorden artcenter, Drøbak, Norway

2014: Two-person exhibit at Skåtøy Gallery & cafe, Skåtøy, Norway

2012: Juried, NOoSPHERE art gallery, NY, USA

2011: Juried, Whelan Art Gallery, California, USA


2014:  Serveral juried stipend exhibitions.

           In the top 8, 6 years in a row, Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

2008:  Preus fotomuseum, Horten Norway

2007:  Gallery Kauffeldtgården, Gjøvik, Norway

2001:  "Østlandsutstillingen"

           - national juried, travelled around in Norway  

1996:  "Tomsing" Café Olsen, Oslo, Norway

Purchased by; NRK; National Televison company, Statoil Ranheim, Trafikverket i Eskilstuna, Cowi i Gøteborg, Lasarettet i Holmstad, Conocco Phillips i Stavanger, Kristiansand Kommune, Bergens Tidende, Folksam i Stockholm, Borealis i Stenungsund, Papyrus i Mölndal.

All images © Kathleen McIntyre Photography

For inquiries about edition, price, size etc. please contact me at:

kathleenmcintyre2 at Tel: +47 92 03 75 13

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